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Tower crane parts, motor protection is very important

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The power mechanism of the tower crane parts can be imagined is the motor, the motor in use for some time, must be maintained and maintained, so as to avoid failure, affecting the normal use.

1. motor should be kept clean during use, brush holding device and collector ring should not have dust, fiber and other debris, the air inlet and outlet to dust, fiber and other debris in the block, the motor is not allowed in debris, or other conductive liquid into the rain.

2. when the motor protection device continues to act, it should be judged that the fault is from the motor, or overload or protective device, the setting value is too low, after the failure to remove, you can continue to run.

3. tower crane accessories motor during use, good lubrication, general motors running for 5000 hours should supplement and replacement of grease, the operation found overheating or deterioration of the lubricant should be timely replacement of grease lubrication, replacement, should remove old grease, oil and gasoline to clean the shaft and the bearing, and then according to the lubricating grease "crane table" label specified in the grease filling cavity between the inner and outer rings of the bearing 2/3, sealed bearings do not need to replace the grease in the life period.

4. the insulation of the motor shell should be more than 0.5M. The motor connection cables should be free of damage.

5. check whether the motor bolt is loose or not, if it should be tightened in time.

Through the introduction of the above content, we should know that tower crane parts, motor maintenance is very important.


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